Who Knew! Teenage boys can be flexible and responsible with Bach.

Honestly, who’d be a teenager again?

The mood swings, the staying up all night then being unable to get up in the morning, the stress of friendships, exams, school rules…It was exhausting, wasn’t it? There’s no wonder parents struggle to make sense of this phase of their children’s lives.

Thankfully, there’s a simple answer-Bach Remedies (with a small side order of hypnotherapy) was the remedy for one particular thirteen year old boy who came to see me for the first session last week, then a follow up session for a side-order of hypnotherapy yesterday. He was struggling with poor sleep patterns, and behaving grumpily as a result. I’ll let his Mum’s lovely review speak for itself…

“Hi Sarah, just wanted to follow up on yesterday’s son’s session…the drops have continued to have an amazing impact on his behaviour. Immediately after each dose he becomes less oppositional and less argumentative, more flexible and more responsible. That blend certainly suits his personality.”

(LC, Ripponden)

Now, don’t we all want less oppositional, less argumentative, more flexible and responsible teenagers in our lives!

Photo by JESHOOTS.com from Pexels

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