Rescue Remedy and More

Rescue Remedy

Many people recognize the little yellow bottle, and have used Rescue Remedy, which Dr Bach developed to support people in times of crisis or stress.

Rescue, or Crisis remedy as it is sometimes called, is a mix of 5 of the original 38 essences:

Rock Rose, for when we experience terror or fright;

Impatiens, for feelings of impatience that people or situations are not moving fast enough;

Star of Bethlehem, for shock, or a sense of loss or grief;

Clematis, for feelings of being ‘out of our body’, or not feeling grounded in the present;

Cherry Plum, for feelings that our minds might give way, or we may do something irrational


Choosing your remedies

Each of the 38 remedies acts on a different negative mood or emotional state, such as

 Tiredness  Fear  Anxiety
Daydreaming Lack of focus Overwhelmed by responsibilities
Discouraged Pessimism Hatred, spite, envy
Impatience Lack of confidence Deep gloom
Exhaustion Guilt, self-blame Anxiety for others
Self-denial Difficulty in choosing the right path Shock, loss, grief
Extreme anguish Dominant personality Unsettled by change
Isolation Repetitive thoughts Lack of direction in life
Resentment Sleeplessness Resignation


Sarah Moore is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner who is trained to choose exactly the right combination of remedies for specific circumstances.

Together in a consultation we can find the right combination for YOU and your current personal situation.


“Every single person has a life to live, a work to do, a glorious personality, a wonderful individuality.”

 Dr. Edward Bach – The Original Writings

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