About Me

About Me, Sarah Moore

My work with the Bach Flower Remedies

I have been working personally with the Bach Flower Remedies for over 30 years, and have always found them a great help during times of need in my own life. Bereavement, childbirth and parenting, exams and times of change such as moving house and starting a new job are all times of my life when the Bach Flowers have helped enormously in keeping my emotions stable and my mind focused.

I have used the Remedies personally all my adult life, and I began studying their use seriously around 3 years ago, and became fascinated by their application for all and any situations people may find themselves in. They support us in dealing with negative aspects of our mood and personality, as well as the ways in which we are affected by external situations.

I have spent many happy days at The Bach Centre in Oxfordshire, studying with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable Bach Practitioners, and can now offer a full service of personalised support to you, through face to face appointments at my clinic in Sowerby Bridge and at my home in Ripponden, through Skype or phone calls or even by email.


Supporting Children and Parents of children with SEND

I was a teacher and primary school manager for many years, with a specialism in behaviour, before taking time out to focus on my own 3 children. I have a special interest in children with SEND, and autism spectrum disorders in particular, and have taught at one of Calderdale’s specialist schools for children with learning difficulties. I have also worked for Calderdale Parent and Carers (now ‘Unique Ways’) as a trainer, developing and running general Disability Awareness courses and their parent support course, ‘The Insider’s Guide’.

I have combined my love of working with children, and of supporting parents into my practice as a Bach Flower Practitioner, and now offer emotional support to parents of children with SEND for a reduced price.