Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Essences are made in the UK, and prepared just as Dr Edward Bach outlined in the 1930s when he developed this wonderful system of 38 Flower Essences.

The Bach Flower Essences balance your emotions and support you to fulfil your potential gently and naturally.

To select your unique combination of essences, you will be guided to choose the essences that seem to reflect your current mood, situation or personality the best. Each essence works on a different negative emotional state, bringing about a positive aspect to that emotion.

Recognising how we feel is the first step to choosing the correct essence for your, but sometimes we find it difficult to be honest with ourselves, or to recognise where our emotions are coming from and what they really are. This is where visiting a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner can help.

During your visit, Sarah, a skilled practitioner, will listen to you, and gently guide you to recognise exactly how you feel currently, then suggest up to 7 Essences that reflect those emotions. There is no need to ‘dig deep’ into the past, since the Essences work with what is present at the time, peeling away any layers of emotion gently and supporting you along the process to self-discovery and to being the best ‘you’ that you can be.